Water: The Source of Life (And Your Beautiful Skin and Hair)

Benefits of Drinking Water

How staying hydrated keeps you looking and feeling beautiful

Drinking water improves everything- your skin and hair, oral health and especially the functions of your organs and muscles.

     I can't be the first person to tell you that drinking enough water is important for your health. But if I am, then LISTEN UP!

     It's probably the simplest way to improve your appearance. All you have to do is choose water. Choose it over the other options like: sodas and especially alcoholic beverages. These are guaranteed to dry out your skin, leaving it looking dull and sad, no one wants that!

Water is the most essential element that your body needs to function properly.

     More than anything else, your body requires water. There's a reason why people can live for a week without food, but only a couple days without water. At least that's what I've learned from watching all of those survival shows on TV.

Water does your body good (NOT MILK!)

     Water cleans out all of your systems. Just like how we use it to cleanse ourselves in the shower, when you drink plenty of water (3 liters daily) your body is better able to cleanse itself of the toxins it encounters day to day. 

     Think of your organs as filters. When you drink enough water, you're able to clean the filters so they can function in the most ideal way.

     If you've been pumping iron lately then you really need to drink up. Water is vital for your muscles to stay hydrated. It helps prevent cramps and enables you to use them far more effectively.

How water improves your skin and hair

Because you've been eating such healthy food that is packed with nutrients, when you choose to drink water, you help to deliver all of those great nutrients through your bloodstream to your beautiful skin and hair.

     I'm assuming that you want to avoid getting wrinkles for as long as possible, so go drink a tall glass of water. When you are sufficiently hydrated consistently, everyday, you'll notice that your skin is healthier, with more elasticity and you'll have that "glow" everyone is after.

     The same can be said for your hair. A lack of water can cause your hair to become brittle and prone to breakage. Extreme cases of prolonged dehydration can even cause your hair to stop growing altogether. 

Feeling thirsty yet?

     If you are getting sick of drinking all of this water and you're in need of some variety, I have good news! You can also drink coconut water, or unsweetened green tea, both are great alternatives.

So drink up and watch those health and beauty problems go down.