Natural Beauty on a Budget: Homemade Face Masks and Scrubs

Homemade Face Masks and Scrubs

Make face masks and body scrubs from ingredients found in your kitchen 

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on the newest beauty products in hopes that one day you'll find "The One" that meets all of your needs.

     I've been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling lately which means a couple things. First, I've managed to get some awesome Facebook profile photos and I've learned how to speak a bit of Portuguese. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I've had to be very careful with how I spend my money. Also, since my luggage put a limit on what I could take with me, this directly affected how many beauty products I could pack. So I learned how to make my own by using natural ingredients easily found in the natural food store.

     There is something to be said about using totally natural ingredients and seeing great results. Relief is what I felt when I realized that I no longer had to spend my money on products that are full of chemicals and most of the time don't even produce long lasting results. 

What I Use:

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Essential Oils

Sea Salt (coarse)


Fresh Lemon Juice

Eggs (Yolks)

How they help

To Moisturize:

Coconut Oil

One of the best for moisture, coconut oil is very gentle and a little goes a long way!

Olive Oil

Olive oil cleanses along with hydrating, and can lead to irritation if used everyday. I recommend using once a week.


Be sure to use a good quality honey that doesn't have any other sugars added to it, this affects it's anti-bacterial qualities.

(Raw) Egg Yolk

These contain vitamin B3 which helps circulation, making you look and feel healthier. They also have vitamin A which helps with scarring.

To Cleanse:

Olive Oil

It's cleansing quality is the reason to not use olive oil as a daily moisturizer. It is great to use as a makeup remover, it even works on waterproof mascara/eyeliner.

Essential Oils- Lavender

Be sure to use therapeutic grade essential oils, lavender oil is known for helping fight acne. It can be quite harsh when applied on its own. Instead I strongly suggest using only one maybe two drops mixed with your favorite oil for a moisturizer (coconut and avocado oils are great.)

To Exfoliate:

Fresh Lemon Juice

It's full of alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliate your skin. This helps remove dead skin from the surface to reveal fresh and supple skin underneath.

Fine Ground Sea Salt

Fine ground sea salt is a great texture to use as an exfoliator. Also it is so much better for the environment than using products with "micro-beads" which never dissolve and do real harm to ocean life.

     Ideas for Masks and Scrubs:

Add essential oils like:

 Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Chamomile, Jasmine, and Eucalyptus

And you'll be smelling amazing with even more added benefits!

For good exfoliation:

Coconut Oil & Sea Salt 

  • 2 tablespoons Coconut Oil
  • 2 tablespoons Sea Salt

     The sea salt works to remove dead skin while the coconut oil provides amazingly clean moisture. This is great to apply to both face and body, particularly the bottoms of your feet.

Rub it into your skin in small circles to really feel it working, and rinse with warm water. Your skin is going to feel silky smooth!

$5.99 $13.49

To exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize:

Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Lavender Essential Oil/ Rosemary Essential Oil (3 tablespoons Olive Oil, 3 Tablespoons Sea salt, 5 drops Lavender Oil)

  • 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 3 tablespoons Sea Salt
  • 5 drops Lavender Oil

     The sea salt once again works to remove dead skin while the olive oil provides heavy moisture and helps to cleanse your skin. The lavender oil will relax you and help to prevent breakouts, and leave you smelling great!

     I suggest applying this to your face/body before showering and further massaging it into your skin while rinsing it off. The steam from the shower will unleash the lavender scent and the warm water will help to remove the olive oil.


For Toning and Brightening:

Honey & Lemon Juice ( 2 parts honey, 1 part lemon juice)

Honey works to both cleanse and provide a bit of moisture, and lemon juice removes dead skin and helps to brighten your skin. Mix these together well and apply to your face, (avoid your eye area!) for a few minutes (5-10min) then rinse with cool water.