Why I Love Coconut Oil (And You Should Too)

Coconut Oil:


  Be sure to get the right kind. Always buy virgin coconut oil that is COLD-PRESSED. When it's been treated with heat, lots of the nutrients are lost, resulting in a much less effective product, both for cooking and beauty.   

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 Why use coconut oil for cooking?

     Basically, it tastes great and is a much healthier option compared to other cooking oils.

     But here are the specifics: It is an oil, and as such it is expected to have certain fats. Although coconut oil has saturated fats, they are different when compared to others like cream, cheese and butter. Coconut oil has "Medium Chain Triglycerides" which are metabolized differently. When digested, coconut oil is sent to your liver where it provides you with fast energy and has been proven to be beneficial for brain disorders like Alzheimers and epilepsy. Coconut oil also helps to improve and detoxify your digestive system.

     The way coconut is metabolized enables you to have energy longer. This means your apetite is suppressed longer and you won't have as many sugar cravings throughout the day. This means after having coconut oil in your diet for a couple weeks (and maintaining it in your diet) you will have an easier time losing weight. More energy and less cravings means a better chance for a healthy lifestyle. 

     Furthermore, the coconut taste makes this a great option for both cooking and baking. It brings a new fresh flavor to your normal meals, and it won't sit heavy in your stomach afterwards.

Why use coconut oil in your beauty routine?

Ok, time to get serious. Coconut oil is my amazing little secret weapon.

     First of all, a little goes a long way. This means the product is inexpensive considering how much you get per jar. But what makes coconut oil most valuable is that it takes the place of so many other beauty products and it is COMPLETELY CHEMICAL FREE!

I use it on my face, body, and hair.

     Coconut oil is my daily moisturizer, my lip balm, and my makeup remover. I melt it and mix with sea salt and I magically have an amazing facial/body scrub. I rub it onto my cuticles to soften them I apply it to my eyebrows and lashes to darken and strengthen them. I use it on my body, hands, elbows and knees and bottoms of my feet. It also helps as a sunscreen (although keep in mind it is an oil, so don't apply liberally). Coconut oil is also my weekly oil hair mask, it works great as a hair growth stimulant when massaged into the scalp, and it's a frizz controller when applied to the ends and an all over shine enhancer.

Did I mention that it smells like coconuts?