If you read my last blog post, "What Are You Putting On Your Face?!" then you understand a little bit about the not-so-natural beauty products that we've all used at one time or another. I also began the conversation about essential oils and how they are a great way to replace chemical-filled products for something totally natural and surprisingly effective.

   Essential Oils will help with many different problems:

  1. Anti-Aging

  2. Acne

  3. Inflamed Skin (sunburn, rashes)

  4. Oily Skin/Hair

  5. Dry Skin

  6. Scarring & Stretch Marks

  7. Hair Growth

  8. Anxiety & Stress

  9. Energy & Memory 

  10. Warts, Nail Fungus, Cuts, Bruises

     I will be writing a new blog post every week addressing each of these issues and how you can use certain oils to treat and heal them.

   There are many theories and practices regarding how to age gracefully. Generally "they" say the best way to live your life is to:

  • Avoid stress
  • Laugh often
  • Breath fresh air
  • Eat natural foods
  • Drink water

     I stand behind this list 100%. These are all natural, easy ways to improve and ultimately enjoy your life. If you follow this ideology, not only will you look and be healthy, but even better, your true happiness will shine through. 

     Another great natural way to age gracefully is to ditch the chemicals and use essential oils. They're all-natural stress relievers and anti-depressants. They help give you a great night's sleep, preserve youthful skin, correct fine lines and wrinkles, and provide you with that ever elusive healthy glow.

     Essential oils give you real results because they aren't products of big corporations that are only interested in getting as much of your money as possible -you have to keep buying them because they never solve your problem, they only mask it. Conversely, high quality, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils are made by people who honestly want to provide the very best, all-natural products for their customers.

     Back to the subject of this post, Anti-Aging.

     Below you'll read about:

  • Carrier oils
    • gentle oils that are great for diluting essential oils.
  • Essential oils
    • more concentrated oils which target specific ailments and provide effective treatment, but can often be harsh and dry out your skin if applied undiluted to your skin.

    Generally, a 5 oz bottle is enough to supply you with 2 months worth of oil (more or less) depending on the amount you use each day. Fill half of the bottle with a carrier oil, and add 10-40 drops of any one or mixture of essential oils depending on your specific needs.

Please do a spot test to assess your skin's sensitivity level to the oils before applying it to your entire face.

What you'll need to get started:


     Here are some great oils that are effective at fighting the signs of aging. Many will diminish your fine lines and wrinkles while others detoxify your skin and reverse the damage caused by UV exposure.

Carrier Oils for anti-aging

Argan Oil


Has a warm, nutty scent and is well-known for it's anti-aging benefits. Argan oil is full of vitamin E and fatty acids that work to hydrate your skin and fill in fine lines and wrinkles. 






Avocado Oil

This one is almost completely odorless and provides lightweight moisture that absorbs fast. Avocado oil is an effective anti-inflammatory and also boosts your skin cell regeneration, helping to remove dark spots and even your skin tone.

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Essential oils for anti-aging



There's a reason this oil was a gift from the Three Wise Men. Frankincense is such an amazing oil, especially considering how effective it is against aging. Frankincense has so many benefits but due to it's powerful anti-aging powers, it deserves to be listed first. This is one of the few essential oils that is gentle enough to be applied to your skin without having to be diluted with a carrier oil, however I strongly recommend mixing it with argan oil for a very effective anti-aging elixir.



I don't know about you, but without fail, each time I smell jasmine I'm taken to my "happy place". After doing quite a bit of research on this one I realized why: Jasmine is a natural anti-depressant when inhaled! Besides the delightfully calming scent, jasmine oil also improves your skins elasticity. This means goodbye saggy skin, and hello youthful, firm skin.



I still laugh to myself when I say this one in my head, but ylang-ylang is quite effective against fine lines and wrinkles. Because this oil does many other amazing things for your skin, you'll be tempted to use it A LOT. But please be careful not to use it too much (meaning undiluted or numerous times a day) because headaches and nausea can result from overexposure to ylang-ylang.

**So be sure to dilute this one and only use it once a day!



Rosemary oil is strong and must be diluted before applied to your skin. It helps to tighten skin and remove under eye bags and wrinkles. Rosemary also increases cell regeneration so your skin produces fresh new skin cells; this helps to fade marks and scars.



Rosehip has become pretty popular lately, mostly due to the endorsement from the beautiful Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr. This oil pulls it's own weight though, it really does work to improve your skins appearance and fight the signs of aging like wrinkles.



Way back in the day, this oil was used as the cure-all for many ailments, and rightfully so. Castor oil has many positive attributes including being an anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and an anti-fungal treatment. Castor oil is a thick oil full of fatty acids. These fatty acids will give your skin optimum hydration, which will diminish your fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin super soft and supple. 

Carrot seed

Carrot seed oil will protect your skin from damaging UV rays and it also works to detoxify your skin. Thus working as a preventative against the signs of aging.



This oil has proven to be especially effective for treating under eye bags when applied every night to the effected area. 

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Try these mixtures to get you started:

To target fine lines/wrinkles

Carrier Oil: Argan   Essential Oils: Frankincense (20 drops), Ylang-ylang (20 drops) Jasmine (10 drops) Rosehip (10 drops)

 To fade sun spots, scars

Carrier Oil: Avocado   Essential Oils: Frankincense (10 drops) Rosemary (20 drops) Carrot seed (20 drops)

To treat under-eye bags and dark circles

Carrier Oil: Avocado   Essential Oils: Calendula (30 drops) Rosemary (10 drops) Castor (15 drops)


Feel free to use any combination of these oils to address your own specific needs. Just remember to first combine them with a carrier oil to ensure proper dilution before application!